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Adult Family Home (AFH) Information Sheet Care and Services to Meet Resident Needs

What type of resident may I admit to my adult family home? see WAC 388-76-10390.

  • Persons whose needs and preferences you can safely and appropriately meet with your staff and through reasonable accommodation;
  • Persons whose needs do not interfere with your ability to meet the needs and does not endanger the safety of other residents;
  • Persons for who you have specialty training; and
  • Persons whom you can safely evacuate from the home during an emergency.

What care and services must each resident receive? see WAC 388-76-10400 and 388-76-10405.

  • Care and services identified in the negotiated care plan;
  • Care and services to help the resident reach the highest level of physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being;
  • Services by appropriate professionals based on the resident’s assessment and negotiated care plan, including nurse delegation if needed.

How must care and services be provided? see WAC 388-76-10400.

  • In a manner and in an environment that maintains or improves each resident’s quality of life;
  • Actively supports the quality of life and safety of each resident; and
  • Reasonably accommodates each resident’s individual needs and preferences such as different sleeping schedules, unless the accommodation endangers the health or safety of the individual or another resident.

Can I admit a resident who needs nursing care even though I am not a nurse? see WAC 388-76-10405.

  • If the adult family home identifies that a resident has a need for nursing care and the home is not able to provide the care as stated in chapter 18.79 RCW, the home must:
    1. Contract with a nurse currently licensed in the state of Washington to provide nursing care and service; or
    2. Hire a nurse to provide nurse delegation.

For further information about these requirements: see WAC 388-76-10390 through WAC 388-76-10405.