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Nurse Delegation: WAC 246-840-910

Delegation is required by law when an individual residing in an Adult Family Home is unable to independently perform specific tasks necessary to their care. Delegation means the licensed registered nurse (RN) makes sure the caregiver is able to perform specific nursing task accurately and safely, have the proper licensing and have taken the mandatory nurse delegation course.

After the initial Nurse Delegation, supervisory delegation is done to reassess the patient, the training, review tasks, promote best practice and assure resident safety are required every 60 to 90 days, (or sooner if there is a change in client’s condition, or a change in ordered tasks). Delegated tasks include but not limited to: oral, rectal, topical, inhaled, nebulized, eye drops, nasal spray medication administration, pill crushing, wound care, oxygen, blood glucose checks, insulin, as needed medication, etc.

Nursing Assessment/Re-assessment: WAC 388-76-10330/ WAC 388-76-10350

Nursing assessment required by law for placement of a person in an Adult Family Home setting.

Assessment is required at least every 12 months, and update is required when there is a significant change in resident’s physical or mental condition, or at the request of representative.

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