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Compassionate Senior Care Services from Experienced Professionals
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About the Company

Compassionate Senior Care Services from Experienced Professionals

At Soundview Elder Care AFH, we develop a customized home care plan that meets the senior’s mental, physical, and psychosocial needs. Compassionate, professional care is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to provide reliable senior care services provides reliable home care services for seniors, people with disabilities, and patients recovering from injuries and illnesses to help them maintain and enjoy their independence.

Sorina and Ioan Bucur founded Soundview Elder Care AFH in 2002. Since then, they have continuously devoted themselves to their caregiving profession, providing the care and love that elderly individuals and their families deserve.

Our Values

At Soundview Elder Care AFH, we live by a strong set of values. Our values shape how we interact with each other, customers, partners, and vendors.

Dedicated To Quality

 We strive to provide a quality experience to consumers and a quality product to providers. This is a core value and a primary driver of our success.

Open, Honest, and Transparent in Our Communications

At the core of how we work is to be open and honest with each other, building each other’s trust. With customers, we are honest and transparent.

Encourage Open Debate and Discussion

We believe that the best ideas rise to the top and the best decisions are made by bringing smart minds together and engaging in a rich dialogue. This sometimes creates conflict, but we never make it personal.

Be Humble and Take Ownership

We’ve had some great successes and we (hopefully) will have many more. We’d rather hire people that point to others when the team succeeds and point to themselves when there are mistakes or failures.

Data-Driven, Analytically Focused, Test-and-Measure Approach

Most aspects of our business are measurable. We are passionate about measuring and analyzing our results. When we start something new, we start small and test our way into it.

Promote a Fun, Positive Workplace

We want people to enjoy working here and look forward to their workdays. We recognize the importance of our employees’ personal and family lives and make accommodations when possible.

Embrace Change

We’ve gone through many changes from when we started, and as we continue to grow, we expect to face many more changes as a company. We hire people that can handle changes with a positive attitude.

Help People Grow and Reach Their Potential

We are delighted to help people reach their potential. We push people to take on as much responsibility as they want and can handle. We encourage people to take risks and to know that mistakes are ok.

Is Assisted Living the Right Choice for You?

Find out by downloading the brochure below. Choosing care in and AFH or Assisted Living


Reach out to us today to learn more about our senior care services. We look forward to hearing from you!